Designer, Quilter, Instructor

As the Quilt Chef I feel creating a new quilt is like preparing a meal for the first time. One may follow a recipe (pattern) to achieve success. The ingredients (fabrics) required consist of a diet plate or a whole smorgasbord. An entrée (focus fabric) and side dishes (coordinating colors) may be enhanced by condiments (spicy accents used in small amounts). Complete the quilt with a zero calorie dessert (quilting/embellishments).

Bon Appétit! Happy Quilting!

ABOUT The Quilt Chef 


Who is the Quilt Chef

Jill Boyd began quilting in 1992, drafting her first quilt design on graph paper.

A year later, she took her first beginning quilting class and started working at the quilt store in Sedona, Arizona. She quickly found herself creating her own variations of purchased patterns and designing many more of her own.

Before long, she was teaching beginners through advanced students ranging from Little Sprouts (Juniors) to seasoned quilters. As her quilt samples were displayed, customers began asking for published patterns, and a new business was born.

She still enjoys helping others spice up their projects, select patterns and fabric ingredients, as well as experiment with new quilt utensils (tools) and techniques. Designing is her favorite aspect of quilting. Jill creates geometric patterns that reflect her preferred style of quilting, machine piecing and machine quilting.

Her Quilt Chef motto is, “There are no mistakes in quilting, just challenges to be met.”

Contact The Quilt Chef


   Phone:(928) 451-6636

   Address:P.O.Box 2908, Sedona, AZ 86339-2908


KISS SERIES - Keep It Sew Simple beginners' series

QUILT INGREDIENTS - Fabrics, batting, and thread

SLICING AND DICING - Cutting and cross-cutting

QUILT UTENSILS - Tools like rulers, rotary cutter,

   scissors, pins, etc.
CHEF SECRETS - Helpful hints added to quilt recipes
TASTE TEST - Audition colors, blocks, borders, etc.
SUNNY-SIDE-UP - Right side of fabric facing up
TRIM THE FAT - reduce bulk by trimming seam

   allowance, corners, backing and batting, etc.

   UFO, unfinished object
QUILTER'S PANTRY - Assortment of stash fabrics,

   threads, and embellishments
QUILTER'S POTLUCK - quilt class, guild, mini group,

   or buddies get together and bring fat quarters,

   yardage, or blocks to swap (Food and chocolate may

   be involved at finer events.)

How do I open a wholesale account?

     Please complete the form on the Wholesale Customer page or email your business information to the Quilt Chef at jill@thequiltchef.com.

Do any distributors carry your patterns?

     Not at this time.

What are your shipping rates?

     Shipping and handling rates are calculated once the mailing zip code is entered at checkout. Orders of six or more patterns are automatically sent Priority mail.

Can I purchase a downloadable copy of a pattern?

     Published Quilt Chef patterns are not available as downloads. However, the Free Treats page contains many free downloads including binding instructions, patterns, variations, and more.


quilt patterns designed by Jill Boyd